1. Position ITAU0027A : WAN Engineering Manager

This person is responsible for managing and directing all technical service functions, including design, engineering, capacity planning, and architecture planning. The incumbent works with the vendor’s personnel in various areas of technical services. These areas include WAN, LAN, Quality Management, Disaster Recovery, Security, Video, and Voice. The incumbent is also responsible for providing Voice engineering technical services to LCM team and directly to customers, in order to design and implement network applications for all external and internal customers. This process function supports all phases of marketing, including pre-sale technical consultation, technical assurance, customer network architectural design, pre-service implementation, and post-sale support for trouble resolution.

Major Responsibilities Include:


  • Aligning the activities of the vendor’s technical staff with the objectives of the client to maintain maximum efficiency of enterprise capital and human resources including hardware, software, and personnel.
  • Maintaining a close working relationship with the vendor’s staff.
  • Insuring that all problems are solved in a timely and efficient manner including overseeing the client’s support of disaster recovery operations and involved personnel.
  • Voice Services
  • Design Engineering
  • Designing routing arrangements and features to create the customer application.
  • Performing complex traffic engineering studies to determine optimal trunk sizes for nodal services.
  • Technically assure all application proposals to ensure compatibility to the AT&T network. Assessing performance requirements.
  • Engineering all digital access arrangements including line coding and format specifications, synchronization design and disaster recovery.
  • Technical Support
  • Providing technical sales support and consultation to develop strategies for implementing the architecture into the customer’s business applications.
  • Team with customer and vendors to develop new applications to meet the customer’s business needs.
  • Participating in the Sales process, as required, to support the identification and development of application opportunities.
  • Addressing technical inquiries from customers and vendors.


  • Degree in electrical/electronic engineering, computer engineering, telecommunication engineering or related discipline
  • In-depth hands-on experience on CISCO router configuration, Frame Relay, ATM, VPN, CSU/DSU
  • In-depth knowledge of network protocols (e.g. TCP/IP, SNMP, OSPF, EIGRP, IPX, SNA, DecNet)
  • 6 years work experience of which 2-3 years should be either in telecommunication technical support and/or network design and engineering
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills


2. Position ITAU0027B : Director of Engineering

Overall in charge of the Engineering Directorate and to lead, direct and motivate the entire engineering team towards the direction and objective of the company. The incumbent will work closely with the Sales Team, focusing on planning and managing a group of technically Inclined engineers and managers in providing excellent technical support and services to the customers and in driving the team to capitalise on new Info communication technologies.

The person:

The incumbent must possess a strong customer and quality orientation, excellent leadership style to anticipate and resolve business, technical and people issues. Knowledge of voice communications technology would be preferred. In addition, he will need to meet the following:

  • A Degree in Telecommunications/ Electronics/ Engineering with 5 years of experience in a managerial capacity in the telecommunications/ IT industry;
  • Technically inclined with the ability to multitask and thrive in a highly dynamic environment;
  • Excellent planning skills and a strong sense of quality delivery towards customer satisfaction;
  • Good analytical and communication skills;
  • High personal motivation and the ability to share it within a team.


3. Position ITJL0021A : HPUX System Administrator

As a member of Technical Services team, your primary focus is to perform relevant technical support activities relating to the installation and maintenance of operating systems and utilities programs in a quality and cost-effective manner. You will participate in the creation and maintenance of a technical platform that will ensure error free 24x7 services for all banking applications. You will also perform technical activities in support of projects to meet the organization’s objective in achieving six sigma qualities.


  1. A Degree or Diploma in IT related field with at least 5 years of working experience and 3 year in UNIX system administration.
  2. Knowledge in the following areas:-
    - HPUX System Administration and UNIX Network Administration;
    - Performance Tuning
    - High Availability software such as MC/Service Guard;
    - C/C++ and Shell script programming;
    - MQ-Series messaging products;
    - HP Openview ITO;
    - Netscape web server and suites of server products;
  3. Project Management skill;
  4. Good Communication & interpersonal skills


4. Position ITJL0021B : Sybase/Infomix Database Administrator

As a member of Technical Services team, your primary focus is to manage the Sybase & Informix RDBMS running on the Open/Midrange systems. Your will plan, install, and maintain RBDMS software to ensure a secured and efficient data processing environment. You will perform RDBMS performance monitoring & tuning, participate in capacity planning, and provide technical support to system/application development and data center operations staff.


  1. A Degree in Computer Science
  2. at least 5 years Sybase database administration experience
  3. at least 3 years Informix database administration experience
  4. Good Communication & interpersonal skills
  5. Able to multitask, excellent team player, self managed & a fast learner
  6. Knowledge of C programming and UNIX Shell scripts


5. Position ITJL0021C : SUN Solaris System Administrator

As a member of Technical Services team, your primary focus is to perform relevant technical support activities relating to the installation and maintenance of operating systems and utilities programs in a quality and cost-effective manner. You will participate in the creation and maintenance of a technical platform that will ensure error free 24x7 services for all applications. You will also perform technical activities in support of projects to meet the organization’s objective in achieving six sigma qualities.


  1. A Degree or Diploma in IT related field with at least 5 years of working experience and 3 year in UNIX system administration.
  2. Knowledge in the following areas :-
    - Solaris System Administration and UNIX Network Administration;
    - High Availability software such as Legato Cluster;
    - C/C++ and Java programming;
    - Internet Technology;
    - Netscape web server and suites of server products;
  3. Project Management skill;
  4. Good Communication & interpersonal skills


6. Position ITJL0021D : Oracle Database Administrator

As part of the Midrange Technical Services team, your primary focus is to manage and maintain Oracle RDBMS running on the Open/Midrange systems in APPC. Your will plan, install, and maintain Oracle RBDMS software and the related Oracle tools across all major Midrange platforms to ensure a secured and efficient data processing environment. You will perform RDBMS performance monitoring and tuning, participate in capacity planning, and provide technical support to system/application development staff as well as data center operations staff.


  1. A Degree in Computer Science
  2. 3 – 5 years Oracle database administration experience preferably in Banking and Finance industry
  3. Good Communication & interpersonal skills
  4. Able to multitask
  5. An excellent team player and a fast learner
  6. Good working knowledge and experience in UNIX Shell scripts. Candidates with Open VMS DCL command procedures will have an added advantage.
  7. Candidates with the Knowledge and experience on C, Pro*C and Oracle Forms programming will have an added advantage


7. Position ITJL0021E : Compaq VMS/UNIX System Administrator

As a member of Technical Services team, your primary focus is to perform relevant technical support activities relating to the installation and maintenance of operating systems and utilities programs in a quality and cost-effective manner. You will participate in the creation and maintenance of a technical platform that will ensure error free 24x7 services for all banking applications. You will also perform technical activities in support of projects to meet the organization’s objective is achieving six sigma qualities.


  1. A Degree or Diploma in IT related field with at least 5 years of working experience and 3 year in UNIX or VMS system administration.
  2. Knowledge in the following areas:-
    - Performance Tuning
    - High Availability software such as Clustering;
    - C/C++ and Shell/DCL script programming;
    - Polycenter products;
  3. Project Management skill;
  4. Good Communication & interpersonal skills


8. Position ITJL0019A : Post-Sales Consultant

Prerequisites :

  1. Degree in MIS
  2. About 5 years' working experience in the IT industry, preferably in customer support.
  3. Good working experience in the technical, administration and operation of UNIX and/or Windows NT.
  4. Experience in database administration of key databases such as Oracle or SQL/Server
  5. Good team player, eagerness to learn and a self-driver

Responsibilities :

  1. The successful candidate will be responsible for resolving customer problems and ensuring customer satisfaction according to company's standards.
  2. You will provide the initial customer contact, gather complete information on customer issues, performs problem analysis and research to arrive at solutions and educate customers on product usage. Other duties include assisting in the improvement of company's support services, determining the timing to escalate to AP/RSC and Level 3 (Development), and providing complete documentation and up-to-date status information of all customer issues.


9. Position ITJL0018A : Regional District Manager


  1. Degree in electrical/electronic engineering, computer engineering,telecommunication engineering or related discipline
  2. 6 years work experience of which 2-3 years should be either in telecommunication technical support and/or network design
  3. Excellent written and verbal communication skills


Manages a highly skilled, technical and mobile work force and associated support functions responsible for the sales and performance of Installation Services associated with company's products and services as well as other vendor products, and the integration of these products and services into a customer's telecommunications network. Has the
opportunity and freedom to innovate and develop new services/customers and compete in the marketplace. Interfaces with multiple customers at multiple customer locations.

Planning and Administration

  1. Forecasts and assigns resources (human, skills, budgets) to perform Installation Services projects at minimum cost and reasonable profit margins.
  2. Anticipates and resolves difficulties that may arise involving personal, variance of customer(s) programs, changes in levels of engineering and training requirements, etc., and maintains flexibility in all plans taking into account all of the existing or potential problems.
  3. Continually evaluates policies, methods, and objectives to assure that they are consistent with the needs of the business.
  4. Establishes and monitors Installation Services performance objectives for consistency with organizational goals for customer satisfaction and profit margin.
  5. Creatively utilizes supporting services available from both within and outside the Corporation.
  6. Attends meetings with customers and/or other organizations relative to the planning, organizing, controlling, and/or problem resolution of all Installation and related activities.
  7. Establishes and maintains effective working relationships with the Local Union officers. Oversees fair and uniform administration of Union Contract agreements.
  8. Effectively consults with and keeps upper management informed.

Supervisory and Administrative Responsibilities

  1. Establishes and communicates District objectives.
  2. Evaluates, selects, motivates, and trains a competent administrative and technical workforce to make optimum use of individual, group and organizational capabilities.
  3. Overseas capital and expense budgets.
  4. Enforces Corporate Health and Safety guidelines within the District to achieve an accident-free environment for all employees.


10. Position ITJL0018B : Regional OA Manager (Circa 160K pa + company car)

The Manager of Regional Office Automation supports company’s operations in all business sectors within the Asia Pacific region in all matters related to desktop and office networked computing, electronic mail, Web-based Intranet and Internet, Mobile Computing and electronic commerce. Working with our outsource partners, he/she plans, develops, implements and manages regionally consistent PC-based office automation services for both internal and external (business partner) communications.

He/she also acts as the direct IT OA services manager for company’s Asia Pacific headquarters function in Singapore.Directly manages the delivery of Singapore Share Processing data center services to remote site (via the outsourcing partners).


  1. Degree or equiv. in Computer Science/Engineering or related discipline - Required.
  2. Post graduate qualifications desirable – Preferred.
  3. Minimum 5 years IT technical support experience – Required.
  4. 3 or more years experience in a multinational corporation – Required.
  5. Extensive experience of supporting office & data center computing environments, including PC desktop and LAN/mail environments – Required.
  6. Strong and current technical knowledge and hands-on experience of Electronic Messaging, Lotus Notes and Domino, Microsoft NT, Windows and Office environments, Internet/intranet Web-based technologies, secure Remote Access, UNIX, Oracle and SAP Basis – Required.
  7. Demonstrated experience in the area of Lotus Notes and Web-based Electronic Commerce – Preferred.
  8. Demonstrated experience in the area of managing Data Center Operations.
  9. Strong business background including good communication skills, presentation at technical and/or senior management levels – Required.
  10. Total English fluency : Comprehension, speaking, reading & writing – Required.
  11. Fluency in a major Asian language – Preferred.
  12. Capability for extensive, extended overseas travel – Required.
  13. High energy level – Required.
  14. Commitment to excellence and continuous improvement – Required.
  15. Comfort with ambiguity – Required.


  1. Plans and manages the Asia Pacific desktop PC and office server infrastructure and services in consultation with the global team at corporate, including the areas of Lotus Notes, electronic mail, Intranet and Internet Web-based services, Remote Access and external Electronic Commerce (such as Dealer Communications Systems) technologies.
  2. Directly manages the delivery of all Office OA IT services (via our outsource partners) to the company’s Asia Pacific headquarters function in Singapore. This includes managing the TOTAL company Asia Pacific headquarters budget.
  3. Directly manages the delivery of Singapore Share Processing data center services to remote site (via the outsourcing partners). This includes working with vendors on the sizing of servers and implementation phase,
    Develops and prescribes consistent work environments, in particular the COE (consistent office environment), with a goal of regional standardization.
  4. Develops, implements and manages the desktop and office-based content for the information security plans and disaster recovery plans for the region.
  5. Manages the enhancement of Office Automation customer service quality through understanding base service levels, implementing service level agreements, quality measures and performance measurement methodologies, and lead ongoing TQM process with vendors to improve performance.
  6. Through excellent vendor/supplier management (EDS & other outsource relationships), achieves customer service improvements to meet SLAs, cost improvement and other budget/expense targets.
  7. Develops and maintains subject matter expertise and act as a catalyst for implementing and integrating leading-edge technologies that improve company’s business processes.
  8. Represents Asian Pacific on the worldwide OA and Electronic Commerce technology planning teams, and supports technology transition/implementation within Asia Pacific.


11. Position ITJL0017A : Services Director


  1. Degree in MIS or Computer Science
  2. At least 8-10 years’ extensive industry experience, including IT operations in a sophisticated end-user environment plus selling, managing and delivering IT professional services
  3. Successful track record in project management and preferably demonstrated success in building services business.
  4. Technically competent and have good working knowledge of UNIX and/or
    Windows NNT, MVS, VSAM and SMP/E
  5. Possess excellent communication and written skills
  6. A self-motivated team player with initiative and multitasking ability
  7. Willingness to travel in the Asean region


The successful candidate will manage implementation services, as well as recruit, train and certify third-party partners to provide complete system management solutions to Company's Software customers and in-house consultants. Provide implementation services for all major proposals, rapidly and successfully implement all licensed products and improve customer satisfaction to elicit effective reference sites and referrals from existing customers. You will also assist pre-sales consultants in defining the scope of customization and implementation efforts, as well as promote service capabilities. In the post-sales area, you will prepare implementation project plans for major customers.


12. Position ITJL0017B : Engagement Managers (3 positions)


  1. Minimum of 5 years industry experience required.
  2. Ideal to have sales background or sales instincts
  3. Channel marketing experience is a plus
  4. Experience in dealing with high technical individuals strongly preferred
  5. Technical background a plus
  6. Travel of 50% required


  1. Business Development
  2. Negotiation with external customers and internal clients
  3. Opportunity development
  4. Put together solutions to solve clients’ problems and communicate those effectively to clients and internal staff (highly technical architect and programmers)
  5. Will use estimating tools to determine length of projects
  6. Develop detailed work plans
  7. Manage security administration
  8. Need to have a full understanding of product line to communicate those to clients and to communicate with Company's employees

13. Position ITJL0017C : Technical Project Managers (2 Positions)


  1. Tertiary qualification in MIS or CS with 4+ years of experience
  2. Consulting experience a plus
  3. A good command of English, both written and verbal, so as to communicate effectively with customers and internal staff
  4. Ability to lead and facilitate customer meetings on both business and technical level
  5. Varied knowledge of Structured Programming language(s) (C/C++, Perl, FORTRAN, COBOL or equivalent [not VB. only])
  6. Varied knowledge of NT or UNIX operating systems
  7. Varied experience with a Database such as Oracle, Sybase, SQL Server or Informix


Technical Project Managers work with both business and technical levels at customer sites. This position leads, facilitates, defines, and documents the ENC Discovery Process with the customer to translate the technology into business requirements. Good facilitation skills required. Full time at customer sites with less involvement when specs are completed for PSL Programmers. This person should be able to perform a PSL programmer job and supervises PSL programming efforts. The Company will train in the Methodology Process, but this person should have appropriate work experience and knowledge of facilitation methods to talk to the business as well as technical aspects of the project. The highly skilled candidates actively consult, advise, and negotiate as well as facilitate with customer based on prior job experiences.

Company's Investment - Methodology Process and PATROL training involved. This person is valuable because of the dual skill set required to work on both technical and business sides of a project.



14. Position ITJL0017E : Technical Consultants (10 Positions)


  1. Degree in MIS or CS (or work experience equivalent)
  2. Plus 2 years experience for each progressive job level
  3. A good command of the English Language both written and verbal to communicate with customers and BMC staff
  4. Varied knowledge of Structured Programming language(s) (C/C++, Perl, FORTRAN, COBOL or equivalent [not VB. only])
  5. Varied knowledge of NT or UNIX operating systems
  6. Varied experience with a Database such as Oracle, Sybase, SQL Server, or Informix
  7. Willing to travel regionally


Technical Consultants work at customer sites deploying and customizing Patrol Service Assurance Centers. They translate the requirements obtained by the Service Assurance Methodology into documented PSL code for Patrol. The technical leaders will supervise them. There is customer exposure and potential for growth into a Technical Leader position. The Company will train in Patrol, PSL and other necessary skills.

Company's Investment - Technical and customer service training required. Education classes with after work activities needed to stimulate and learn about the business world.



15. Position ITJL0017F : Enterprise Sales Manager (5 Positions)


  1. At least 3 years’ experience in IT Sales
  2. Proven sales track record preferably in government or managed major accounts/relationships
  3. Knowledge in enterprise management software solution or software related solution, and ability to understand client’s strategic IT requirements and priorities
  4. Knowledge in system management is a plus
  5. Dynamic and positive personality, likes challenges
  6. Team player and possess excellent communication skills


The successful candidate will be responsible for selling IT solutions, identifying and cultivating new enterprise clientele as well as customer relationship management.


16. Position ITJL0017G : Pre-Sales Consultants (5 Positions)


  1. Must have at least 6 to 10 years working experience in the area of System Management and Software Pre-Sales.
  2. Must have excellent communication and presentation skills
  3. Must have great initiatives and able to work alone or under extreme pressure
  4. Must have experience in managing, designing and implementation of Systems Management Projects
  5. Must have good working experience in the technical, administration and operations of MVS, UNIX and/or Windows NT
  6. Knowledge in REXX programming, UNIX shell scripts or "C" programming
  7. Experience in database administration of key databases such as DB2, Oracle or SQL/Server
  8. Good team player, eagerness to learn and a self-driver


The successful candidate will be responsible for in designing and implementing Systems Management procedures for customers. He/She will assist the sales teams in the area of developing and closing Systems Management project deals. Involves in technical demonstrations and presentations to potential customers, conducting proof-of-concept projects for interested parties, and installation of software at the client’s premises. You are also expected to contribute in marketing support function such as presentations, planning of seminars, speeches, etc.


17. Position ITJL0017H : Channel & Alliance Manager


  1. Strong channel/distribution background in Asean region
  2. Familiar with the System Management market and demonstrated his/her ability to manage channels in this space.
  3. Confident in presenting technology
  4. A self-motivated and assertive team player


The Channel & Alliance Manager will need to access the market requirements for Asean and make recommendations/decisions on which partner(s) to best address this. A high degree of trust and confidence will be given to the person in this role. He/She is responsible for ensuring that each partner is suitably trained to sell and support Company's products, which requires a high degree of leadership and commitment.


18. Position ITJL0017I : Regional Security IT Manager

Manage Regional IT Security

  1. Manage Outsourced consultants for site requested assistance
  2. Manage creation of DRP's for all sites in region (though we have sent out the DRP documents, coordination is require to ensure they complete the documentation)
  3. Develop IT Security policies and practice for region.
  4. Provide guidance to sites on implementation of IT Security, including E-Commerce Security.

Manage Regional IS&S Internal Control

  1. Manage closure of "Outstanding Audit Comments"
  2. Provide advice & guidance to site IS&S Heads regarding the "Management comments" for audit issues
  3. Manage Outsourced consultants for site requested reviews
  4. Provide on-site consulting for small scale reviews
  5. Review new projects to ensure Audit Compliance (including E-Commerce Systems)
  6. Liaise & where necessary assist Internal Control to ensure audit compliance for region.

Manage IT Security & Control (Singapore HQ)

  1. Manage Outsourced Service Providers to ensure the security of all IS&S systems under HQ's control.
  2. Monitor Local systems for security issues.
  3. Perform investigative work to resolve causes of security incidents - [1]Rad Guard [2]Nokia's CheckPoint
  4. Liaise with Legal, Risk Management, Internal Control and other departments where necessary.
  5. Manage IS&S HQ's ICRQ Self-Assessment.

Manage E-Commerce (B-C & B-B) Security Infrastructure Implementation (this is new)

  1. Work with Corp to provide policy & guidelines for the implementation of E-Commerce systems
  2. Assist IS&S Customer Experience to ensure appropriate process designs for E-Commerce systems
  3. Work with local sites to ensure appropriate implementation of E-Commerce systems
  4. Work with local sites to enable certification of E-Commerce systems (WebTrust, TrustE, etc)
  5. Provide security guidelines for P&A ExtraNet implementation


19. Position ITMA0102A: Director Professional Services

The mission of the Professional Services is to offer a full solution, education, delivery and consulting capability to customers. Services are taken to market under the brands of Company Consulting, Customer Education Services and the Advantage Customer Support Program. This mission is critical to Company's overall business strategy and accounts for 60% of revenue and 80% of staff resources in each region.

The functions of Professional Services span business development; solution development and delivery, which complement and enhance the roles, played by Company's third party implementation partners.

Classification Level: Director

Reports to: General Manager, with close functional direction and guidance from the Vice President Professional Services Asia Pacific

Position Scope: The occupant will assume strategic and operational responsibility for Professional Services in the Region, initially in Singapore and Malaysia, eventually extending to Thailand and the Philippines.

Location: Singapore

A new Director level position of Services Director has been established. The occupant of the position will have strategic and operational responsibility for the Regional Services functions and staff, including Consulting and Delivery, Education Services, Customer Care and Maintenance, Technical Support and Account Management

The role reports to Peoplesoft General Manager for the Region, providing shared services to the North Asian Region and receives functional direction and input from VP Professional Services Asia Pacific

Essential Duties/Tasks:

  • Day to day management of the Professional Services function
  • Leadership of the Services Management Team
  • Representation of Professional Services issues on the management Team
  • Accountable for total services revenue and margin performance
  • Responsible for achievement of services growth targets, via:
  • Existing customer business leverage
  • New business development
  • Optimisation of project margins
  • Productivity and profitability of reporting functional units
  • Development and sustainment of excellent high level client relationships
  • Leadership of strategy and planning for service development and delivery.
  • Promotion of a positive work environment.

Knowledge, Skills, Education:

  • Exceptional management ability in the provision of IT services,
  • Proven senior level client negotiation and conflict resolution experience,
  • Knowledge and understanding of emerging developments of Professional Services, functions, strategic objectives and goals,
  • Strong team building skills,
  • Excellent oral presentation and written communications skill,
  • Decisiveness in decision-making,
  • Skill in developing, mentoring and empowering staff,
  • Ability to be creative and innovative,
  • Proven effectiveness as a change agent,
  • Formal IT qualifications highly regarded
  • Preparedness to travel
  • Fluency in Asian language well regarded


20. Position ITMA0102B: Technical/Tools Instructor

As a Technical / Tools Instructor, you will be responsible for teaching the technical curriculum that conveys the core of Company's technology. You will have had hands-on experience in customizing and/or developing business software systems in a relational database environment, a good understanding of relational database concepts, knowledge in client server architecture and solid programming skills. Experience with PeopleSoft development tools, 3GL programming skills, and a warped sense of humor would be a plus.

In addition to a solid technical background, you must have strong communication skills, and the desire and ability to teach others technical concepts in a classroom setting. Prior experience in stand-up delivery of technical course materials is preferred. A high energy level, poise under pressure and a willingness to do whatever it takes to give customers the information they need is required. You will be self-motivated and able to work independently and as part of a team to get the job done.

You should have 2-3 years experience working with systems (either as a systems liaison or as a member of an implementation team) or have worked for another packaged software vendor. Individuals must be PC literate and have worked with Windows-based products.

Must be willing to travel and a strong team player.

Technical requirements

  • Hands-on experience in customizing and/or developing business software systems in a relational database environment
  • In-depth understanding of relational database concepts and experience writing SQL Select and DML statements.


  • Hands-on PeopleSoft experience is a huge advantage.
  • Alternatively, experience with PowerBuilder, SAP or any other GUI development toolset software is also desirable.


21. Position ITMA0105A: Technical Services Consultant

A highly customer-focused individual with proven technical skills, the Technical Services Consultant delivers of a range of services to the existing client base in a post-implementation environment. Primary duties involve on-site planning and execution of multiple, complex tasks associated with the new implementation and ongoing configuration and maintenance of all solutions.
The Technical Services Consultant role requires an integrated skill set consisting of the technologies associated with configuring and customizing solutions, as well as a solid understanding of the business functions, which they support.
The Technical Services Consultant is responsible for maintaining and expanding their skill set in line with current technologies and methodologies and to suit business requirements. This involves becoming proficient in and Microsoft programming languages and configuration environments.


Services Delivery
The Technical Services Consultant is required to deliver chargeable services to customers. This includes:

  • Delivery of chargeable consultancy work
  • Business requirements gathering and documentation to standards
  • Systems configuration of solutions to meet changing customer business requirements.
  • Technical training/client workshops as required
  • Adherence to departmental procedures regarding maintenance, recording and logging of chargeable work
  • All other appropriate Services Portfolio tasks

Project Work

  • Organize and lead meetings where business requirements and application objectives are articulated and defined
  • Clearly identify the business requirements of the customer, including cross-referencing requirements as articulated by multiple persons within a company and identifying apparent inconsistencies
  • Develop and maintain a complete work plan down to a detailed task level
  • Execute specific tasks on the project work plan, including but not limited to:
    - Confer with key customers to resolve questions of customisation intent
    - Configure particular functional areas of CRM system
    - Convert data between legacy systems and the CRM database
    - Define a customer's data input and reporting requirements
    - Design, code, and test basic customisations to support specific customer business requirements
    - Design and execute test strategies to ensure correct function of basic customisations
    - Document functional and technical specification of customised solution
    - Collate and summarize work plan issues as identified by the project team
    - Manage the delivery of weekly status reports to the customer project manager and the project team

Additional Responsibilities

  • Assist in Customer Services proposal generation
  • Communicate with the Account Management Team regarding opportunities or issues identified within the client base.
  • Ensure that own skills are maintained and developed in line with requirements of role. Liaise with Services Manager to ensure that training/development programmes are identified to address any skills gaps
  • Conducting training/mentoring for other team members as required
  • Delivery of a monthly Technical Services Consultant Report on time and to agreed format


The requirements listed above are representative of the knowledge, skill, and/or ability required to perform this job successfully.
- In addition to being able to perform each essential duty and responsibility, ability and willingness to travel extensively is also required.


  • Bachelor's degree (computer science, engineering, or math preferred)
  • Knowledge of sales, support, or service processes is highly beneficial


  • Ability to represent the company in a professional manner to customers and the business community at large
  • Strong verbal and written communications
  • Effective presentation, organizational and planning skills
  • Effective interpersonal skills and ability to work in a team environment
  • Proficiency or the aptitude to develop proficiency in the following:
    - COM-based programming (Visual Basic or Visual C++)
    - Web-related programming (HTML, DHTML, ASP, Java Script, and VB Script)
    - Microsoft SQL Server object design and development
  • Proficiency or the aptitude to develop proficiency in the following products and/or technologies:
    - The Company's product line
    - Microsoft IIS
    - Microsoft MTS
    - Microsoft Word
    - Microsoft Excel
    - Microsoft Access
    - Microsoft NT
    - Microsoft Windows 98, 2000
    - Microsoft Interdev environment
    - HTML/DHTML programming
    - COM programming
    - Java Scripting
    - Others?


The work environment characteristics described below are representative of those an employee encounters while performing the essential functions of this job. Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions:
· Severe stress may occur periodically.
· Late evening, early morning, or weekend work periods may be required some or all of the time.


The physical demands described below are representative of those that must be met by an employee to successfully perform the essential functions of this job. Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions:
· Extensive work with computer monitors and keyboards is required. The ability to manually operate a keyboard and view a monitor screen for periods in excess of 8 hours per day is required.


22. Position ITMA0105B: Technical Training & Development Specialist

Technical Trainers lead hands-on, interactive training for new customers, partners and employees on how to implement and configure our Enterprise Relationship Management (ERM) software. Our ERM products help customers manage interactions with their customers and keep all the data in a centralized location. The typical audiences trained include Database Administrators, Consultants and Project Managers.
Trainers are initially responsible for instruction of technical classes and have the opportunity to travel to various locations (currently Boston, London, Sydney, and Singapore). Over time, our trainers take on additional responsibilities including authoring and maintaining learning content or courses that focus on developing customer's (internal and external) technical and product knowledge.


  1. Instruct existing technical courses
    · prepare classroom facilities
    · create a positive learning environment
    · monitor students reaction to ensure understanding
    · communicate clearly and utilize effective questioning techniques
    · summarize feedback and make suggestions for future course enhancements
    · maintain or exceed team standard for course evaluation scores
  2. Learn new technology for the purpose of developing or enhancing technical knowledge, under limited guidance of the manager or senior trainer.
    · Utilize research materials (manuals, articles, interviews, etc.)
    · identify and leverage internal subject-matter experts
    · incorporate independent hands on practice and other informational sources
    · attend technical classes when necessary
  3. Develop training knowledge to continually improve instruction and content development skills using professional journals and books to keep up with advances in training methods.
  4. Develop technical learning content using adult learning principals and technical information sources:
    · knowledge of BackOffice
    · internal subject matter experts
    · adult education theory and interactive adult training methodology (role-plays, hands-on, questioning, etc.) as appropriate for the course content
    · maintain course materials for technical accuracy by evaluating and revising materials periodically (quarterly at a minimum)
  5. Work cooperatively with all Education team members to successfully execute the overall Education team plan. Requirements include:
    · Complete project task responsibilities satisfactorily and on schedule
    · Present a professional demeanor in terms of interaction with team members other employees, partners and customers


  • Requires a BS degree or equivalent in business, information systems, or computer related
  • 2-3 years computer technology and LAN or MS BackOffice support experience (pre-sales or technical support)
  • Have the ability to fulfill requirements for Microsoft Certified System Engineer or DBA within 1 year of start date
  • Minimum of 3 years training experience in the PC/technology industry utilizing adult learning methodologies
  • Experience writing either documentation or training materials (provide samples)


  • Ability to represent Software Corporation in a professional manner to customers and the business community at large. Professional appearance and presentation required
  • Requires the ability to set goals and work on several projects at one time
  • Ability to gather information and assess needs on complex topics
  • Must be able to work on an independent basis
  • Excellent leadership skills
  • Excellent written communications
  • Excellent verbal communications.
  • Effective presentation, organizational and project planning skills
  • Effective interpersonal skills and ability to work in a team environment
  • Good typing skills
  • Familiarity with Relational Database concepts
  • General understanding of network protocols, topology and methodology. Strong understanding of computing industry.
  • Familiarity with the following applications
    - Microsoft Word
    - Microsoft Excel
    - Microsoft Access
    - Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Proficiency in most of the following products and/or technologies:
    - All of the company's Products
    - Microsoft SQL Server
    - Microsoft NT Server and Workstation
    - Microsoft Windows 95
    - HTML, DHTML, JavaScript


The physical demands described below are representative of those that must be met by an employee to successfully perform the essential functions of this job. Reasonable accommodations can and will be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions:
· Travel required, up to 50%.
· Extensive work with computer monitors and keyboards is required. The ability to manually operate a keyboard and view a monitor screen for periods in excess of 8 hours per day is required.
· Extensive time standing will be necessary.
· Lifting of computer equipment will be necessary periodically.


23. Position ITMA0105C: HRMS Product Consultant

Main Duties & Responsibilities

  • Main function is to give professional articulate presentations/demonstrations, of the Human Resource software. These demonstrations can be generic, or scripted scenarios that meet our prospective customers' needs. These demonstrations will be in conjunction with sales efforts and will be in fact, part of the sales cycle
  • Consultants will tailor their presentations according to customers requirements, obtained through survey or discovery calls.
  • Consultants must learn and be familiar with the technical architecture, but mainly have in-depth knowledge of the Human Resource Software.
  • Must be comfortable giving presentations to small and large audiences, at all levels
  • Assist Marketing with seminars and trade shows.
  • Proactively learn the technology, application, and process of new product releases.
  • RFP

Strongly Desired Skills

  • Experience supporting the sale of web-based or client server enterprise solutions are a plus, especially experience with competitive products such as SAP, Oracle, JD Edwards, etc.


This role is based in Hong Kong and will require up to 40% of travel

Career Path

  • leadership role within the team
  • move on to sales
  • solution role

Unique selling points of Peoplesoft

  • We have a great new end-to-end solution that we are taking to the market. This will result in higher potential earnings
  • it is a very attractive product set that is being introduced to the market
  • opportunity to travel extensively for those who enjoy it
  • opportunity to be directly involved in the bid teams

Background of the ideal candidate

The ideal candidate will have previous Human Resource software selling experience. This is critical. It is specifically a functional role, with some technical aspects. This is NOT a role for Technical consultant. Presentation skills are also a must. The ability to present in a consultative manner will be highly regarded.

Additional Requirements:

  • Bachelor's degree or applicable work experience.
  • Proven knowledge and understanding of implementing software solutions.
  • Willingness to travel between 45% - 65% of the time
  • Excellent verbal, written and presentation skills
  • Able to convey value of Peoplesoft solutions from both a technical perspective and a
  • business perspective
  • Strong sales and marketing skills; needs analysis, positioning, business justification, closing.
  • 5+ years pre-sales experience
  • Ability to solve complex technical and functional problems and work with accounts in complex
  • political environments
  • Ability to work independently on complex problems
  • Must have a Sense of FUN, energy and passion!!!!!!!!
  • Motivated, self-starter, team player

Personality Type

Confident, strong communication skills, a people person



24. Position ITMA0105D: Java Architects

ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS: (Primary responsibilities and accountabilities.)

Java Architect

As a senior technical individual with a Java focus, the candidate will be responsible for delivering quality projects, he/she will also be responsible for managing the technical team and gathering of resources towards delivering on projects.

  • Create detail designs of application software that needs to be developed.
  • Validate technical designs to ensure that all related technology fits together.
  • Deliver quality solutions to customer problems using defined methodologies.
  • Identify opportunities for new business within customer base.
  • Manage a technical team to delivering on the detail design.
  • Mentor junior staffs and imparts knowledge to others.
  • Support the creation of proposals.
  • Raise visibility of the company in technical conferences, publications, etc.
  • Qualify and manage sub-contractors on projects.


Typical numbers of years of relevant experience: 10-12 years of hands-on experience of systems design and architecture using OO methodologies and tools plus at least two years experience with Java. Experience with Smalltalk, C++, Windows, Motif, OpenLook/Open Windows desirable.

REQUIRED KNOWLEDGE AND SKILLS: (To accelerate computerized search, specify jov-related terminology, instruments, computers and tools, which are unique to this position.)

  • At least 1 year of intensive programming experience in Java and the JDK.
  • In-depth knowledge of the following: Solaris, TCP/IP, C, C++, and the UNIX shells, JDBC.
  • Knowledge of object oriented methodologies, code management practices and tools. OMT, OOA, OOD, CORBA, middleware. UML, Rational Rose
  • Able to communicate effectively on technology areas with mid-level MIS management staff.


  • Customer focus.
    -Good verbal and written communication skills.
    -Self starter and ability to manage own's time.
    -Understand project management methodologies.
    -Ability to lead technical team.
    -Professional composure.
    -Ability to raise or lower focus level in technical areas capably.
    -Published papers technical conference speaker.


25. Position ITMA0105E: Account Manager - Financial Services

Position Summary: The Account Manager - Financial Services is a key role in Singapore. This position reports to the Customer Service Manager - Northern Region. The overall scope of the role will be to manage all aspects of customer relationships. They are the pivotal players in helping customers realise positive and successful ROI, be referenceable and build a sustainable and lasting partnership. They will also position the service organisation for follow on activities with existing customers and manage customer issues.

Essential Duties/Tasks:

  • Manage customer relationships for customers assigned by the Customer Service Manager
  • Ensure positive referenceability of customers across organizational boundaries
  • Ensure a high level of customer satisfaction for their customer base which will include a designated number of implementing and/or production customers
  • Assist in the identification and deployment of overall service strategies for the customer base
  • Act as an escalation point for customer issues that can not be resolved through the normal internal procedures
  • Communicate and position how products and service offerings can provide key business solutions
  • Identify additional services that could add value to customers
  • Identify sales opportunities within the customer base and communicate to the Sales organisation
  • Assist in sales support with positioning services and packaged service programs where appropriate and assist Business Services Manager and Consulting Managers with proposal development and positioning of services to existing customers
  • Establish, develop and maintain key relationships with our Sales and services organisations as well as our business partners
  • Participate in negotiations for follow on services

Specific Knowledge, Skills, Education:

  • A sound knowledge of the business drivers and challenges faced by the Financial Services sector, possibly gained from previous employment within the Industry.
  • A strong reputation and contacts within leading customer organizations in the Finance Industry.
  • Consistent record of achieving personal and team targets.
  • Excellent presentation, interpersonal and communication skills, with the ability to build and maintain rapport with key individuals in both the FSI and within the company.
  • Strong strategic orientation with the ability to conceptualize needs issues and business drivers within the FSI.
  • Self-starter with sound planning and self-organizing skills and the ability to operate with minimal direction.
  • Ability to recognize the importance of attention to detail and following through on commitments.
  • A high level of self-confidence and personal integrity.
  • Strong sense of commercial acumen.
  • Adept at conflict resolution and expectation management
  • Skills in relationship development/management
  • Exposure to Information Technology or large software Applications. Experience in Project Management and/or Application software implementation experience would be an advantage
  • Effective negotiation skills
  • Innovative analytical and problem solving skills
  • Flexible and easily adaptability to change
  • Ability to travel up to 50% of the time


26. Position ITMA0105F: Post Sales Consultant


The Consultant is responsible for assisting in the successful implementation of the appropriate CRM solution. The solution may include the implementation of one or more of CRM products and the delivery of supporting consulting services. The Consultant will be an integral member of
the project teams and will work closely with both the customers and the CRM project managers through the engagement lifecycle. Some typical roles include project lead (on smaller engagements), business analyst and technical solution architect. The work will include working with customers in a variety of business and technical environments on a combination of large and small engagements. The position requires strong business consulting skills and an ability to understand web technologies as well as experience with systems integration projects and the ability to work effectively with customers.


Bachelors degree in Computer Science, IS, or Engineering and 3+ years experience in systems integration in consulting or customer-facing information technology field, experience working directly with customers in a consulting or services role, skills and experience in internet and/or database technologies (e.g. HTML, ASP, Java, TCP/IP, email, and/or Oracle, SQL, etc.) Good team skills an ability to coordinate and work well with other personnel and departments. Expertise in one or more technologies: email, RDBMS, OLAP, web-architect products and technologies, networks, systems, and experience in one or more areas: enterprise applications (ERP, CRM, eCommerce), direct marketing, customer services, customer relationship management, and willingness to travel and work at customer sites. Where possible, travel will be limited to within the Consultant's region. Assume 20-70% travel.


27. Position ITMA0107A: Lead Consultant

Primary Roles and Responsibilities:

As a Consultant, he will take the responsibility of understanding our client's requirements and the client's business environment. He will have the ability to:

  • listen, process information, synthesise conclusions and articulate his thoughts
  • assess underlying market dynamics and dissect the drivers of financial returns
  • create the necessary consensus within a client's organisation to achieve effective results
  • Facilitate in strategy development workshop and stimulate the client's thought process and generate key business directions.
  • maximise collaborative relationships within the management and operational staff with the client
  • mentors other team members

He will support in pre-sales work in the design, scoping, pricing & presentation of proposals and tenders. His main responsibilities encompass the application of consulting methodologies and his industry experience to develop solutions for Customer Relationship Management. He must be capable of illustrating features and integration activities of a CRM roadmap. He will lead small teams of consultant to work with clients on the design of process and define the way in which CRM activities will integrate with the various functions in the organisation.
Project activities would include:

  • assisting the client in the business strategy development & build business cases
  • defining and positioning workflow processes & solutions
  • gathering of business, process & technical requirements
  • identifying people issues which would impact the solution development phase
  • develop project roll-out plans, deliverables & implementing change management activities

Skills Summary (Special Skills/Qualifications)

  • Qualifications
    Degree in Computer Science, Business Administration or Engineering MBA preferred
  • Industry Experience & Skill Set
    At least 4 years working experience
    - Preferably in a customer-oriented position in an industry such as telecommunications, financial services and seek to look across the market at CRM strategy
    - In-depth knowledge of Customer Relationship Management operations, processes and solutions
    - Practical experience in project delivery
    - Posses skills in one of the following areas:
    · Call Centre management & Agent management -understanding of Call Centre processes, key performance indicators
    · Sales Force Automation
    · Understanding of Data-warehousing & Data-mining concepts for customer/business intelligence applications - market optimisation, campaign management or customer loyalty
    · Understanding of Web Self-Service applications - Web-interaction with customer, content, query, marketing and transactional
    · Knowledge of FrontOffice Applications would be an advantage

  • Language Proficiency
    - Fluency in English and Mandarin (Spoken & Written)

Critical / Essential Skills Set

  • Problem- Solving ability
    - Must have logic reasoning ability, curiosity, business judgement, and tolerance for ambiguity and intuitive feel for numbers.
  • Personal Impact
    - Able to listen wells and articulates his own point of view. He should be comfortable in a team situation and possess a sense of self-confidence without arrogance.

  • Leadership
    - Readiness to take on a leadership role, exhibit signs of entrepreneurship and a willingness to take personal risk.
    - Able to build a team and encourage and facilitate a shared vision.

  • Drive/aspirations
    - Able to set high aspirations for himself. Willingness to go beyond comfort zone in order to achieve what he desired.


28. Position ITMA0107B: Senior Manager

Primary Roles and Responsibilities :

To provide CRM consulting to clients. His primary responsibility is to help clients develop an effective CRM strategy that will realise identified benefits to the clients' organisations.
The CRM strategy will cover all areas of the business and this includes people, process and technology. He will work closely with chief executives to develop the CRM strategy that is aligned to the overall corporate strategy.
He will also be required to be a strong project manager as he is required to lead a team of application and business consultants to develop and implement solutions, in line with the proposed strategy, on time and within budget. He will also ensure that all hardware and software are correctly defined, the best partners to work with are qualified and selected, and that all third-party hardware and software components required for the solution are correctly defined.
Maintains personal credibility and industry knowledge of current directions and future trends for CRM. Builds professional contacts and leads through speaking, publishing, and participation in professional organisations

Skills Summary (Special Skills/Qualifications) :

  • Consulting experience in the delivery of business strategy, business transformation services or business process improvement services for Customer Relationship Management solutions covering people, process and environment definition.
  • Extensive sales and marketing experience ranging from one-to-one customer contact or channel sales experience to managing a sales team to developing marketing plans for an organisation

Critical / Essential Skills Set

  • Strong facilitation and project management skills
  • Visionary; ability to think outside the box
  • Good interpersonal, communication and planning skills
  • Self motivated, positive work attitudes, work independently, team player


29. Position ITMA0112A: Customer Project Manager

Purpose of position:

To ensure the professional and timely implementation of complex customer projects through comprehensive project planning & implementation, risk assessment & project con-trol, and overall management of customer interface and expectations.

Key Tasks & Responsibilities

Manage and co-ordinate all company activities pertaining to the planning and realisation of a customer project (including all planning, technical, implementation, SLA & operations aspects).

Key responsibilities

  • Manage customer expectations & drive towards the highest level of customer satisfaction.
  • Project study to ensure clarity in scope, deliverables & responsibilities,
  • Define project plans, migration plans identifying key milestones & project success criteria.
  • Drive and control project implementation & any associated project scope changes.
  • Implementation of standard operational support structure & process.
  • Maintain the appropriate project risk registers and progress reporting.
  • Ensure effective project communication both internally and externally with the customer.
  • Ensure project delivered as per defined plan and customer expectations.

Key Divers

  • Project delivered as per customer acceptance criteria
  • Project delivered with agreed Time scales.
  • Overall customer satisfaction.

Candidate Profile:

  • University degree or equivalent in engineering, computer science or Project Management Certification.
  • Previous Project Management experience in a telecommunications environment with ex-cellent organization, co-ordination, communication & presentation skills.
  • Customer Orientated with good interpersonal &negotiation skills.
  • Knowledge/Expertise in one or more of the below fields:
  • Wide Area Network technologies including - ATM, X.25, Frame Relay
  • LAN and inter-networking technologies including TCP/IP, IPX, Routers (particu-larly CISCO) and routing protocol.
  • Virtual private voice networks, ACD's, PBX's, call centre networks, and/or Cen-trex services, digital and analogue transmission facilities, international signaling protocols, and traffic engineering
  • Excellent knowledge of written and spoken English language


30. Position ITMA0112B: Director

The company service line provides innovative solutions to a business's e-back office needs in areas such as Finance, Human Resources and Knowledge Management.

We are looking for a seasoned professional who can lead and develop the company's Practice for Greater China. The Greater China region encompasses Hong Kong, the People's Republic of China and Taiwan. This position will be based in Hong Kong and report to the Area Director for Greater China and the Connected Innerprise Vice President for Asia Pacific.

Primary Responsibilities:

  • Lead and participate in sales activities. This includes working with the sectors and service lines to pursue and close opportunities with Area and Multi-National Clients.
  • Working independently and in a team, assess the clients' business requirements and develop the appropriate solutions.
  • Build Company capabilities so that we are well know for providing the best service and solutions in the region.
  • Hire and develop a strong team for Greater China.
  • Lead or assist in business development and account management activities.


  • 7+ years experience in Finance, Human Resources, and/or Knowledge Management
  • 4+ years Management Consulting experience
  • Ability to present and sell value added ideas and services to client
  • Experience implementing change
  • Project management experience
  • Excellent presentation and written skills
  • Demonstrated track record in team management and development
  • Proven ability to develop and execute business plans supporting the expansion and development of new offerings and services
  • Ability to speak English, Mandarin or Cantonese a plus



31. Position ITAP0126A: Head of IT

A large and progressive professional firm in Singapore invites a suitably qualified individual to join them as Head of IT (Circa $80K p.a.)


  • Lead IT user and system support team
  • Manage the automation of operations and improvement of workflow
  • Look into solutions/resources for voice, data and knowledge management
  • Direct strategic planning of computer systems and provides advice on all computer matters and provides leadership in computer applications development and operations of the organization.
  • Provides advice and counsel to mgmt concerning the application of computer techniques to overall requirements.


  • Possess a degree in computer science or information systems or equivalent
  • At least 5 years of experience (including 2 years in managerial position)
  • Dynamic, motivated, resourceful and able to communicate effectively with vendors, staff and management
  • Good working knowledge in Windows NT, Windows 2000, Internet Technology, MS SQL and MS Office applications


32. Position ITAP0126B: Incountry Resource Manager

  1. Scheduling of consultants and Engagement Manager resources for local country requirements:
    - Develop strong relationships with Practise Managers/Engagement managers to properly assign resources.
    - Develop relationships & liaise with Resource Managers worldwide. Participate in relevant meetings with these Resource Managers.
    - Develop relationships with TAM and Educational Services management to effectively assign resources across these organisations on request.
    - Consider profitability, client service, skill building, strategic direction, motivation and morale in making decisions on assignments.
    - Production of analysis reporting of resource status - utilization, revenue, pipeline etc

  2. Resource Partner organisations- liaise directly with Partner organisations that are able to supply contract resources to Professional Services to supplement our needs.

  3. Participate and contribute to local Practise business planning & strategy

  4. Mentoring program: - allocation of new hires to Mentors.

  5. Consultant development:
    - Provide guidance/input to consultants career plans
    - Evaluate requests for transfers to/from other offices
    - Facilitate annual performance appraisals of consultants and provide recommendations for promotions / salary increases to AP Resource Manager
    - MBOs: approval of MBO performance assessment, collation of MBO results for country, submission of MBO results to Asia Pacific Professional Services Manager.
    - Alert Asia Pacific Professional Services Manager to non-performance issues requiring action.

  6. Recruitment:
    - Assist Asia Pacific Professional Services Manager define the recruitment req. (skills, roles, nos., location)
    - Participation in recruitment activities - interview senior candidates, arranges interviewers for candidates being considered.

  7. Line Management of consultants (excl Prac Mgrs/Engagement Mgrs):
    - Approval of leaves requests.
    - Approval of time & expenses

  8. Training:
    - Authorisation of training requests
    - Provide input into training strategy

  9. Professional Services Administration:
    - Primary contact for local Accounting/Payroll services relationship
    - Primary contact for local Travel Agency relationship
    - Logistics issues - PCs, photocopiers, tel, office infrastructure, access cards, stationery, preparation for new hires.


33. Position ITAP0126C: Technical Analyst

You will support the Regional Asia Senior Application Analyst/DBA of investment technology in the following:

  • Assist in the installation, configuration, maintenance, performance tuning and monitoring of Sybase databases supporting Bank Asset Mgmt core systems
  • Work with the Bank Global Project Office on regional deliverables and standards as well as assisting the data center SLA's to provide for Unix/Sybase application specific support where needed.
  • Support the existing development team in database modeling, server and query tuning, testing and rollout of Investment Management reporting and Investment model upload
  • Analyze and provide practical solutions to improving Unix/Sybase support infrastructure in the areas of synchronization, availability, shell scripts, and monitoring


  • BS in Computer Science or related field with 2 yrs experience as an Sybase DBA with large scale databases and application performance tuning
  • Exposure to the Financial Services industry and Asset management in Particular a plus
  • Production database admin experience with Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise SE 11.5 or later and replication server
  • 1-2 years experience with Structured Query Language (SQL) and open database connectivity (ODBC) configurations
  • Unix Production database hands on experience -(Sun Solaris 2.6), Storage disk management. Veritas Volume Manager and / or Disk Suite software
  • Experience writing shell scripts/cron jobs to automate production support
  • Proficiency in MS SQL Server 7.0 administration a plus
  • Windows NT 4.0 (workstation and server software)
  • Fluent in spoken and written English


34. Position ITAP0126D: Decalog Project Manager

You will support the Regional Asia Head of Investment technology in the following:

  • Primary responsibility for the oversight and implementation of the Decalog Portfolio Management and dealing system and associated middle-ware interactions in the investment offices in Singapore, Hong Kong and Indonesia.
  • Supervise all phases of business analysis and liaison with the global project office on implementation deliverables and vendor interaction
  • Consult with portfolio Managers and front office personnel in design, development and building of straight through processing solution to process streams in the region and the integration of Decalog
  • Work with regional Financial control on monitoring of associated costs both vendor and internal sources to Budget guidelines.
  • Assist in the guidance of the Infrastructure team on the installation, configuration, maintenance, performance tuning and monitoring of the remote trade system interface via Citrix in region with regards to Bank Asset Mgmt core systems
  • Work with the Bank Asset Management Global Project Office on regional reporting, deliverable status, and KPI indicators
  • Document and spec out all process via SDLC methodology
  • Coordinate and review plans for end user training on the use of and capabilities of the system
  • Work with the DBA/Production support team in the region on process support and global database definition and replication


  • BS in Computer Science or MIS, Accounting or Finance degrees will be considered, but must be accompanied with additional 2-3 years hands on project management and/or use of Trading systems in particular such as (Decalog, Bloomberg PTS, Portia-Open Trader, etc)
  • CPA or MBA preferred
  • 8 + years of work experience with a minimum, of specific job-related experience as follows
  • 5 + years of business/management experience in one or more positions that leverage both business and technical skills
  • 3+ years of hands-on experience with portfolio/investment accounting systems consisting of day-to-day management activities including oversight of technical specifications, change management (implementations, upgrades, documentation, training), security, reporting requirements and user acceptance
  • 2+ years project management experience specifically with investment systems
  • Financial Services industry and/or Asset management experience in particular knowledge of Investment account concepts and financial instruments
  • Detailed understanding and use of database technologies, including:
  • Experience with database design and understanding of RDBMS standards
  • Experience with Structured Query Language (SQL)
  • Understanding of data warehousing methodologies and theoretical applications
  • Strong team leadership and analytical skills
  • Strong personal computer skills, including proficiency with Word, Excel, MS Project and Visio
  • Fluent in spoken and written English


35. Position ITAP0126E: Business Analyst

You will support the Regional Asia Decalog Project manager in the following:

  • Primary responsibility for business analysis and implementation of the Decalog Portfolio Management and dealing system and associated middle-ware interactions in the investment offices in Singapore, Hong Kong and Indonesia.
  • Liaison with the global Decalog project office on implementation deliverables and vendor interaction
  • Consult with portfolio Managers and front office personnel in design, development and building of straight through processing solution to process streams in the region and the integration of Decalog
  • Work with regional Financial control on monitoring of associated costs both vendor and internal sources to Budget guidelines.
  • Work with the Bank Asset Management Global Project Office on regional reporting, deliverable status, and KPI indicators
  • Document and spec out all process via SLDC methodology
  • Coordinate and review plans for end user training on the use of and capabilities of the system


  • BS in Computer Science or MIS, Accounting or Finance degrees will be considered, but must be accompanied with additional 2-3 years hands business analysis or use of Trading systems in particular (Decalog, Bloomberg, Portia-Open Trader, etc)
  • CPA or MBA preferred
  • 4 + years of work experience with a minimum, of specific job-related experience as follows:
    -3 + years of business analysis experience in one or more positions that leverage both business and technical skills
    -2+ years of hands-on experience with portfolio/investment accounting systems consisting of day-to-day management activities including oversight of technical specifications, change management (implementations, upgrades, documentation, training), security, reporting requirements and user acceptance
  • Financial Services industry and/or Asset management experience in particular knowledge of Investment account concepts and financial instruments
  • Detailed understanding and use of database technologies, including:
    -Experience with database design and understanding of RDBM standards
    -Experience with Structured Query Language (SQL)
    -Understanding of data warehousing methodologies and theoretical applications
  • Strong personal computer skills, including proficiency with Word, Excel, MS Project and Visio
  • Fluent in spoken and written English


36. Position ITMAY0109A: IT Infrastructure Manager

The day-to-day support, operation and control of all equipment within an organization's network infrastructure.

The take over after implementation projects, typically involving the development and implementation of information systems to meet identified business needs, acquiring and utilizing the necessary resources and skills, within agreed parameters of cost, timescales, and quality.

The provision of specialist technical expertise in installing, testing, tuning, upgrading but especially maintaining both externally and internally supplied systems software such as operating systems, data management products, office automation products, networks and other utility enabling software.

The overall management and control of resources required providing an efficient and cost-effective information systems delivery service to users/customers/clients, which is continuously responsive to changing business and user requirements. Will typically include responsibility for ensuring that effective relationships exist and are monitored, measured and reported upon with both internal and external users/customers/clients and vendors/suppliers and that appropriate resource control is exercised.

Level Definition

Autonomy, Responsibility and Authority
Has full professional responsibility, either as a functional manager, IS specialist or senior consultant, and is held fully accountable for own decisions and actions, and those of subordinates.

Has a substantial impact on the profitability or operating efficiency of the employing organisation(s). Has a significant influence on policy formation.

Complexity of Work
Performs a broad and challenging variety of work, some unpredictable and non-routine, which requires the creative application of a wide range of technical and/or management principles.

Essential Skills
Demonstrates competence in key areas of management and leadership expertise including communication, staff direction and motivation, financial planning and control, quality management, risk analysis and the achievement of targets.
Is able to understand, explain and present complex technical ideas to both technical and non-technical audiences at all levels up to the highest in a persuasive and convincing manner.
Is able to analyze and explain the risks involved in using, or not using, IS solutions to business or organizational problems.

IS in Context
Shows a mature understanding of the relationship of own specialization and/or project responsibilities to the employing organization as a whole.
Is able to propose technical solutions within the scope of own expertise which fully take into account the needs of all those who will come into contact with the operational products.
Is able to understand and communicate the potential impact of emerging technologies on organizations and individuals who use (or may come to use) IS products and services.

Learning and Development
Makes time available to ensure general technical competencies and specialization are kept up-to-date. Takes initiative to keep both own and subordinates skills up to date and maintain awareness of developments in the IS industry.

Background Requirements

Educational Background
Probably educated to degree level or holds a professional qualification.

Previous Experience
Has achieved proficiency in the Roles of Network Control and Systems Programming.
Has gained extensive experience in other Systems and Network Management Functions as well as Service Delivery Functions.

Prior Knowledge and Skills
Demonstrates effective leadership of a team of staff engaged in the delivery of networks and systems services, together with a good working knowledge of the employing organization's policy framework, management structures and procedures for service delivery. Displays above average communication and negotiation skills and a good understanding of the commercial and other needs and objectives of the users.
Has a thorough knowledge of two or more platforms and awareness of further configurations. Has a thorough understanding of the system interfaces. Have a good understanding of the organization's business processes and their degree of dependence on IT systems.

Is familiar with all aspects of service delivery. Displays up to date knowledge of significant areas of operational and/or development environments. Shows a thorough understanding of applicable project management and/or operational management standards and procedures including technical, quality, safety and financial matters across all areas of service delivery. Possesses a thorough understanding of the business and commercial context of the employing organization. Is at ease and effective in dealing with professionals and managers in other disciplines.


-Manages a team that :

  1. Carries out full impact analysis of new software releases and recommends upgrade plans. Reviews upgrade and fixes available from system software suppliers and identifies those, which merit action.
  2. Designs and develops user code to enhance or customize system software to satisfy business objectives and tailors system software to ensure maximum efficiency. Prepares software implementation procedures with fall back contingency plans. Installs and tests new versions of system software.
  3. Investigates potential and actual service problems and recommends solutions. Develops and uses formal procedures to plan and test proposed solutions.
  4. Develops and uses procedures for collection of critical information in the event of system software failure. Analyses documentation, storage dumps and logs relating to system software failures to identify the failing component. Isolates failures and recommends actions to circumvent problems and enable the restoration of services with the minimum of business impact. Liaises with suppliers to obtain corrective code, installing and testing the code to ensure a permanent resolution.
  5. Ensures that operational documentation for relevant system software products is fit for purpose and current. Provides advice and guidance to systems development and service delivery staff on the correct and effective use of system software.
  6. Monitors system efficiency against published service level agreements. Monitors both resource usage and failure rates of installed systems and provide detailed feedback to management
  7. Gathers performance statistics from the IS platforms to enable recommendations for the tuning of system software. Tailors system software parameters to maximize throughput and efficiency.
  8. Advises management of significant developments with regard to existing and emerging system software.
  9. Is responsible for local, regional and global contracts with regard to UNIX and NT on HP, SUN and IBM systems

-Manages another team that :

  1. Takes overall responsibility for the installation, upgrading, operation, control, maintenance and effective use of wide area networks for the communication of data, voice, text or images within one or more major information systems.
  2. Monitors and reviews performance, throughput, availability and exceptional incidents and proposes and implements consequent improvements.
  3. Ensures that assigned resources (staff, equipment, software, and services, funding) are properly budgeted, utilized and accounted for.
  4. Within agreed standards and policies, competently plans the work of teams or project groups, monitoring and reporting progress, performance and quality against plan, handling all exceptions within scope and escalating, with proposed solutions, those matters beyond level of authority.
  5. Is responsible for a team or teams of staff managing installations of and upgrades to communications networks.
  6. Is responsible for a team or teams of staff providing help desk, test and commissioning and other assistance to network users, other staff and suppliers.
  7. Is responsible for secure firewall environments, TCP-IP networks, VPN-environments, leased line environments

-Audits service delivery functions to ensure understanding and adherence to documented procedures.

-Takes responsibility for the delivery of major IS projects and programmes of work, establishing and maintaining the correct structures to control and monitor the deliverables to the business.

· Monitors and controls team performance against plans.

· Ensures that significant problems are identified at the earliest opportunity and that solutions are identified and implemented in line with the change control process.

· Leads one or more large project teams, developing and maintaining manpower plans for the staff involved, and monitoring the deployment of individuals to ensure that they are contributing effectively whilst developing skills and experience.

· Liaises with other managers within the IS function and within the business; manages expectations for delivery.

· Actively contributes to the annual planning and budgetary process for the IS function.

· Participates in the implementation of the IS infrastructure, including standards, methods, guidelines, techniques, tools and control structures.

· Evaluates and makes recommendations/decisions on technical options as appropriate, actively contributing to organization's technical strategies.

· Ensures that the delivery of IS systems and services are monitored and maintained to the high levels of quality, standards and operability as defined within negotiated and agreed service level agreements, parameters or contracts.

· Uses negotiating skills and personal presence to represent the employing organization at the highest level both externally and internally, formally and informally, establishing confidence and respect both for the functions represented and as an individual.

· Contributes to policy making including strategic planning, hardware and software procurement, staff development and rewards, choice of methods and standards and the marketing and selling of service and products.

· Advises and influences business clients and customers at senior management level regarding the delivery, costs, availability and functionality of services and systems and develops an effective partnership whilst at the same time acting as the ambassador for the service delivery function.

· Ensures that service level agreements, contracts and negotiations with both internal and external IS suppliers are always aimed at meeting the business needs of the employing organization by providing a value for money service in terms of standards, quality, efficiency, safety, performance and cost effectiveness.

· Takes overall responsibility for the financial and staffing aspects of operational management as well as the full range of technical considerations involved. Possesses the confidence deliver an efficient and effective service within agreed time and cost constraints.

· Takes responsibility within an IS service facility/operational environment, for setting targets, monitoring performance, and managing the service in an efficient and effective manner, for a complete department.

· Ensures that the necessary arrangements are in place to maintain or recover the delivery of systems and services in the event of any physical, technical or environmental disaster or major outage providing continuity of service to the client organization.

· Interacts with Delivery Management and Customers in a professional, mature and positive way.

Knowledge and Skills

Behavioral Skills
Conceptual Thinking
Acquiring understanding of the underlying issues in complex problems or situations by correctly relating these to simpler or better understood concepts, models or previous experiences.

Customer Focus
Understanding the needs of the internal or external customer and keeping them in mind when taking actions or making decisions.

Attention to Detail
Applying quality standards to all tasks undertaken and ensuring that nothing is overlooked that might endanger the customer relationship.

Planning and Organization
Determining a course of action by breaking it down into smaller steps and by planning and resourcing each of these, making allowance for potential problems.

Influence and Persuasion
Influencing and persuading others to take a specific course of action when there is no direct line of command or control.

Providing Direction
Directing others to undertake tasks.

Strategic Perspective
Keeping overall objectives and strategies in mind, and not being deflected by matters of detail.

Stress Handling
Retaining objectivity and proper understanding of a problem or situation when placed under conditions of stress.

Being proactive, taking action and anticipating opportunities.

Delegating tasks, responsibilities and authorities effectively.

Identifying goals and objectives, and motivating and leading others towards their achievement.

Counseling and developing others
Helping others to understand their values needs goals and limitations and advising them how they can develop their effectiveness to the limits of their ability.

Decision Making
Making decisions at the appropriate time, taking into account the needs of the situation, priorities, constraints and the availability of necessary information.

Technical Knowledge and Skills

Expert in Networking and Communications
The concepts and logic of planning and managing the interaction between two or more computers (or other "intelligent" devices).
Examples: NetWare, Windows NT.

Expert in Telecommunications Protocols
Rules by which interaction between components of a telecommunications network is governed.
Examples: TCP/IP, NetBEUI, ISDN

Expert in Operating Systems
"System" software, which controls activities such as input, output dynamic resource allocation, and error reporting, within the operation of a computer configuration.
Examples: Windows NT, UNIX.

Expert with Operations Management
Methods, techniques and tools for planning, organizing, researching, directing, coordinating and monitoring ongoing (non-project) activities.

Expert in Project Management
Principles, methods, techniques and tools for the effective management of projects from initiation through to implementation.
Example: PRINCE.

Expert in Service Level Agreements
The purpose and composition of a service level agreement (SLA); the relationship between a SLA and a contract for the supply of services.

Proficient in Customer Value Chain Concepts
The complete sequence of activities within a process, from receipt of an order or request to delivery of a product or service.

Proficient in Quality Management
The system or method for the management of quality within the employing organization.

Proficient in Customer Service Techniques
Techniques for ensuring that full account are taken of customers' real and stated needs in the delivery of products and services.

Proficient in Corporate, Industry and Professional Standards
Standards associated with the IS practitioner's current Role.
Examples: departmental programming standards, help desk procedures, corporate quality management system, IT Infrastructure Library, TickIT.

Proficient in Operating Infrastructure
Knowledge of the IS infrastructure (hardware, databases, operating systems, local area networks etc) used within own organization.

Proficient in Software Testing
Testing techniques used to plan and execute software tests of all application components (functional and non-functional) to verify that the software satisfies specified requirements and to detect errors.
Examples: dynamic testing techniques, static testing techniques, non-functional testing techniques, test automation techniques.

Proficient in Configuration Management
The discipline which gives precise control over IT assets by allowing IT management to control changes to "configuration items" including hardware devices, computer programs, documentation, telecommunications services and computer centre facilities

Proficient in Structured Reviews
Methods and techniques for structured reviews, including reviews of technical diagrams, test plans, business cases and any other key deliverables.
Examples: peer review, formal technical review, Fagan inspection.

Familiar with Application Systems
The application of automated systems to the support of specific business functions or processes.
Examples: enterprise resource planning, sales forecasting, airline reservations, petroleum reservoir modeling.

Familiar with Risk Management
Methods and techniques for the assessment and management of risk.
Example: CRAMM.

Familiar with Project Planning and Control Techniques
Techniques associated with planning and monitoring progress of projects.
Examples: product/work breakdown structures, critical path analysis, earned value.

Familiar with Project Management Tools
Automated tools to assist in the project management process, by automating mechanical tasks such as scheduling, resource balancing, and time recording.
Examples: PMW, Microsoft PROJECT.

Familiar with Information Capture Techniques
The selection and application of information gathering methods, tools and techniques which are appropriate to the information required and the sources available.
Examples: contextual enquiries, focus groups, structured interviews, questionnaires, observation, statistical analysis.

Training Requirements

Strategic Planning for Information Systems
The psychology and practicalities of the process of defining the long-term business information requirements of an organization in a methodical way that will produce clearly defined options and action plans.

Financial Planning and Budgeting
Philosophy, regulations, procedures and tools for the financial management of both ongoing and project activities.

Risk Analysis Methods, Techniques and Tools
Methods, techniques and tools for the analysis, assessment and management of risk.

Project Planning and Control
Project planning and control methods and techniques.

Quality Management
Principles and good practice of quality systems, manuals, procedures and plans. Quality assurance and audit. External quality standards. Total Quality Management and European Foundation for Quality Management Excellence Model.

Service Management Standards
Standards for service management, such as the IT Infrastructure Library and the BSi Code of Practice.

Operations Management
Skills, techniques, principles and practices for effective management of ongoing operations.

Hardware and Software Products for Future Use
Software or hardware products or solutions that are potentially of use to the organization.

Customer Relations
Negotiation, presentation and meeting skills, as preparation for playing a leading role in relationships with clients/users at a senior management level in order to achieve and maintain customer satisfaction.

Project Management
Skills such as planning, risk management, project change control, configuration management, financial management and staff selection for managing IS projects.

Systems Development Environment
Introduction to systems development including development lifecycles and methodologies, organization interfaces, project and programme management, risk management, and change control.

Others and extras

  • Focus is ASEAN (especially Singapore and Malaysia)
  • International environment but no (extensive) travelling required
  • Customer focus and security are priority number 1
  • Excellent people management and communication skills required
  • Two current teams should be integrated
  • Current teamleaders might be "obstacles"
  • Teamworker
  • Understanding of ISO-9000, ITIL and process way of working
  • Age : 30-40 (male or female)
  • Nationality : Singaporean or Malaysian PR
  • Good career prospects
  • The company is leading IT services provider and helps clients turn their vision into results through the effective use of e-business solutions and IT. With sales of more than EUR 2.8 billion in 2000, the company currently operates in more than 30 countries worldwide and has 27,000 employees. Its customers include ABN-Amro, Akzo-Nobel, BNP Paribas, Cegetel/Vivendi, Credit Lyonnais, Euronext, Fiat, ICI, Lucent Technologies, Philip Morris, Philips, Shell and Unilever.

37. Position ITMAY0221A : Customer Service Centre Manager

Reporting to the Vice-President of Information Technology Asia Pacific, you will be responsible in setting up and managing our Asia Customer Service Center to ensure an efficient and effective IT service to our users in this region. You will manage proactively all user-related call traffic and significantly contribute to our centralized help desk strategy and continuous service enhancement to our business.


q      Develop and maintain the Customer Service Center processes in handling the day-to-day activities efficiently and effectively.

q      Manage the workload for the Center by monitoring all call queues to ensure completion of requests within current Service Levels.

q      Maintain service provider listing and escalate issues according to established processes

q      Ensure that all escalation of issues are completed within the Service Levels established.

q      Analyze  the call volumes to summarize and present issues and solutions, and implement strategies to improve customer service / reduce calls.

q      Manage the reporting process to ensure accurate measurements are in place to identify on-going service performance and issues.

q      Direct the routing and navigation of incoming call groups, according to Call Center analysts’ proficiency and customer requirements.

q      Provide the coaching, training and development that is necessary to develop a highly skilled and motivated team of Call Center Analysts.

Key skills and experience:

w         Motivational leader and team player
w         Excellent interpersonal and communication skills
·         Proficiency in Language Skills (conversational only) like French, Korean, Mandarin or Cantonese will be desirable.
w         Analytical, problem-solving and statistical skills
w         Proficient understanding of  Customer Service Center Management  tools like Peregrine, and Desktop Applications including Lotus Notes, Windows, MS Office Products like Word, Excel and Powerpoint.
w         Experience in ACD, CTI and CLI technology and awareness of new development in telephone technology will be an added advantage.


38. Position ITMAY0221B        : Regional Operations & SLA Performance Manager

The Job:

The principle areas of responsibility includes the day to day management of the Regional Operations function & SLA reporting requirements for the LCM (Life Cycle Management) team of  major outsourcing accounts. Within the role the individual would be responsible for the daily management and maintenance of all voice/data networks, while ensuring control of planning, engineering, deployment and capacity management of that network.  While maintaining and managing the network the incumbent would be responsible for ensuring that the SLA Performance expectations of the client are met and all reporting deliverables are completed in accordance with the terms of the outsourcing agreement.

As an overall part of this role the manager would be required to monitor performance of the network and focus on continued service improvement both operationally and from a service level perspective.

Major Responsibilities Include:

·         Monitoring and reporting of Network performance.
·         Ensure swift fault resolution and prevention of fault reoccurrence.
·         Develop an understanding of business practice/requirements of client.
·         Development of network performance reporting.
·         Act as primary escalation point for all network outages for the clients.
·         Coordinate and implement new technologies as defined through joint planning sessions.
·         Negotiating performance level commitments
·         Validating and coordinating and reporting performance level statistics
·         Identifying areas of concern and implementing both technical and SLA solutions to these issues.
·         Participation in global team reviews and reporting forums.
·         Ensure timely delivery of all SLA performance metrics to the outsourcing client.
·         Day to day management of remote site managers and regional operational team.
·         Work very closely with  the regional client in Singapore on all day to day network operations and performance issues.
·         Understand operational processes for client service delivery.
·         Be able to handle regional operational crisis

The Person:

8-10 Years experience in the IT & Telecommunications industry.

Degree in computer engineering or relevant industry experience

Good interpersonal & leadership skills

Financial & vendor management experience

Clear and focussed reporting capabilities

Experience of multinational working environment

Regional Management experience

Operations experience on data networks  


39. Position ITMAY0221C        : Regional MIS Manager


·         To enforce global standards across their region

·         To manage multiple projects within the regional team

·         To directly resolve local issues within the bounds of the global standards

·         To capacity plan and forecast upgrades to servers, network etc

·         To identify trends (speed, capacity failures etc) and work a resolution via the team.

·         To ensure correct system operation across all platforms resolving issues via the resources within their team when necessary

·         Working as part of the global team with other regional managers to ensure global consistency

·         Reports directly to the CIO

Technical Skills

·         To work across platform boundaries such as NT, Windows2000, Unix and Networking

·         Very strong technically in Networking, Windows NT, and Windows2000 typically by 8+ years relevant experience, made up by at least 5 years in NT, Windows2000 and Networking

·         Good understanding of TCP/IP – including network design, routing, monitoring (SNMP, RMON etc)

·         Good understanding of Internet technologies including firewalls, Proxy Servers, Content scanners and anti-Hacking tools

Soft Skills

·         Good English verbal and written communication skills

·         Good listener

·         Flexible but firm

·         Able to resolve differences within the team

·         Able to learn new skills

·         Structured approach

·         Able to see the “bigger picture” when working through problems and act accordingly

·         Able to work a problem through to resolution

·         Able to deal with pressure and committed timescales

·         Able to work well with peers on all Capco sites

·         Able to challenge and resolve breaches to corporate standards (system mis-use, security breaches etc), escalating where appropriate to the CIO  

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